Comprehensive review: Rubber flooring tiles

Rubber has many inherent qualities/ advantages, and thus has become an extremely popular flooring option, especially suited to high-traffic environments or commercial places. These days, rubber tiles and Stable Mats are available in a wide selection of designs, colors, textures, and more, making them even more suitable for interior and exterior applications.


Introduction to rubber floors

Rubber flooring is considered a resilient flooring option – much like vinyl and linoleum. It is durable and easy to maintain, thus making it apt for hard-wearing environments such as gyms, playrooms, utility areas, and more.

When pitted against other flooring materials, rubber floor tiles are a niche option with few manufacturers and dealers.


Different aspects of rubber flooring

Maintenance and repair: As mentioned above, rubber flooring tiles are easy to maintain and require no more than a damp mop. Never use a wet mop or harsh chemicals/ cleaning products to clean rubber floors, as they can damage the flooring tiles. That said, synthetic rubber flooring is more stain-resistant than natural rubber flooring options.

Design: For many years, rubber floor tiles were only available in polished black or slate grey color options, but those days are long gone. These days, these are available in a variety of textures, all geared toward making your home or commercial space more inviting.

Flooring installation: Rubber flooring tiles are fairly easy to install. Some of these tiled products even come with interlocking edges, while others feature a system of edge pins that hold them together.

Comfort and convenience: Rubber flooring tiles are known for being strong and resilient under various conditions. In fact, depending on the type of tile used and the environment it is installed, some of these can last up to 20 years.


Difference between sheet rubber flooring and rubber flooring tiles

The advantages that are usually associated with rubber flooring tiles are also applicable to sheet rubber flooring. Most companies manufacturing rubber tiles also roll out sheet products, but the latter is a little less expensive than tiles. However, sheet flooring is more difficult to install.


Why are rubber floor tiles the right choice for you?

Rubber flooring tiles are ideally suited for residential areas dedicated to recreation and utility functions. Its soft nature makes it apt for exercise rooms, laundry rooms, and workshops. That said, in spite of being available in varied color schemes and textures, rubber floors are not suitable for highly visible public areas at home.


Why are rubber tiles great for home gyms?

COVID-19 has made us realize the importance of a healthier lifestyle, and thus, if you too have fitness a priority, you might want to set up a home gym. This is where having the right equipment and the right flooring gets important.

When it comes to home gyms, you can certainly rope in artificial turf, foam tiles, and stable mats, but rubber flooring tiles come across as the best choice.

Ease of installation: Rubber flooring tiles come with interlocking edges and, thus, can be easily installed. They don’t need any permanent fixtures to be held in place. This makes the installation process rather quick and hassle-free.

Durable and strong: Rubber tiles can withstand a fair bit of wear and tear. Thus, it is great for home gyms. The fact that it can withstand high pressure, makes it good for holding heavy gym equipment such as treadmills and weights. 

Noise insulators: Rubber is an excellent sound/ noise insulator. Thus, it is apt to keep the sound in the gym to a minimum.

Easy to clean: Rubber flooring tiles have low maintenance needs and require no special equipment. A simple damp mop would be enough to keep things tidy and in order.

Can be used as you install a mat: People need a dedicated mat for yoga and daily workouts. But when Rubber Floor Tiles, reduce the need for a separate mat in the gym. Moreover, they are suitable for a wide range of workouts.


Rubber tiles for home workshops

Using rubber flooring options for garages is a great option for hobbyists as it allows them to work on their projects. Whether you are a woodworker or an aspiring birdhouse maker, rubber floors score over hard concrete floors. They are great for avoiding bodily stress and reducing the impact on your muscles and joints. That is not all! Even if the garage is wet, the rubber floor tiles remain slip-resistant and offer traction.


Key takeaway

There’s a lot working in favor of rubber flooring tiles, which is why people consider it a viable product for home and commercial renovations. Want to know more about it? Feel free to comment below. We’d be happy to help you with more info on rubber tiles and how you can benefit from the installation of the same.

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