The role of extrusion and screw barrels in plastic manufacturing.

Modern industries call for specialized equipment at an unprecedented scale and Chinese industrial manufacturing is more than capable of supplying these effectively and efficiently. The plastics and rubber industry requires specialized equipment at a large scale, and one of the essential implements that go into manufacturing any plastic commodity is a screw barrel


Here, we will be taking a look at the significance that a screw barrel plays in the overall plastic manufacturing process and the factors that one must look out for ordering one for their manufacturing units. So, let’s start. 


Screw barrel. 

Before exploring the various nitty-gritty of these barrels, let us take a look at what these components actually mean, and what is it exactly they do. Well, a screw barrel is used in virtually every plastic processing machinery, and this helps manufacturers receive the desired output from their production units. These barrels come in a wide variety of configurations and types, and they can be extensively modified to suit a wide variety of applications. 


The main process that these barrels are employed in is the extrusion process. Well, this is a process wherein the polymer fused with the desired additives is formed. The polymer is melted, and the process goes on constantly. The polymer granules are fed through a hopper, and the screw receives them. It is the screw that carries these granules forward through a heated tube, under immense pressure. 


Once this process is done, the molten plastic is driven through the mold to create the desired profile and shape. The cooling procedure depends on the final component’s shape and profile.


 There are four types of extrusion processes that are commonly used in the plastic manufacturing industry, and they are as follows. 

  • Tubing extrusion- This form of extrusion is commonly employed in manufacturing plastic tubes and pipes. Air with positive internal pressure is often employed in this extrusion process, and the tubes and pipes are water-cooled for maximum efficiency. 

  • Blow-film extrusion- If you are looking to manufacture plastic films and tubes through continuous sheeting, then blow-film extrusion is the one to go for. In this process, the sheets are pre-cooled, and while in a semi-solid state, are blown to mold them into the desired shapes and sizes. This method of extrusion is commonly witnessed in the shopping bag manufacturing industry. 

  • Sheet-film extrusion- It has been witnessed in several cases that the rolls and sheets may be too thick to be blown, and this is where sheet-film extrusion comes in. The sheets are passed through a series of cooling rolls to regulate the sheet thickness. 

  • Over-jacket extrusion- This is a method that is used to coat wires with an insulating material, and typically, the wire is passed through a tie that uses adhesion and pressurization to ensure that the wires are properly and uniformly coated. 


Screw barrels are widely used in the plastic manufacturing industry, and one can source these barrels and other extruder parts from a reputed Chinese manufacturer. But how does one determine which seller to pick from? Well, here we will be taking a look at some of the factors that can be used to determine a good and reputed manufacturer and seller. 

  • The options on offer- One of the first determining factors that the manufacturer offers while ordering screw barrels from China is the options that one must look out for. Since plastic manufacturing requires specialized materials at a large scale, the size fits all concept doesn’t work here. Thus, it is a good idea to buy from a seller that has an extensive collection and portfolio of extruder parts and barrels. 

  • User reviews and market reputation- If you are looking for a good Chinese barrel extruder for your firm, it would be good to check for the firm’s experience, market reputation, and product reviews. This would help you gain a first-hand insight into the firm and the products that they manufacture. 

  • Compatibility- Screw barrels come in all shapes and sizes, and in several cases, it is witnessed that the customer may not have the necessary measurements that they would need to install the screw barrel. In such a situation, a good manufacturing company would send down a team to the customer’s plant to collect the measurements necessary. This push toward proper compatibility differentiates one firm from the other.

  • Packaging- Screw barrels can be pretty huge in their overall dimensions, and packaging them carefully is extremely important. Some of them can be as long as 10m, and therefore, it is an important idea to select a seller that can package and deliver these screw barrels in the best possible manner, to protect the components against any damage or theft whatsoever. 

Final take:

A top-notch screw barrel is one of the most important components of a plastic manufacturing company, and it is advisable that you get one from a reputed Chinese manufacturer. A quick search online should deliver the desired results. 

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