Top Froze River Treks in India

Top Froze River Treks in India


One of The most thrilling treks in the world is attracted by trekkers from all over the world. Lies in the Leh region of Ladakh. At 11,150 ft above sea level. Chadar trek is a difficult trek that is done by passionate trekkers in winter. With almost -30 degrees temperature at night. It is a one-time experience every adventure-lover person should try, who love challenges. Chadar trek is a place where food couldn’t find its way to reach you easily. The trek is all about walking on Zanskar, the frozen river and it is not easy. The frozen river has its attraction for the frozen waterfall which is frozen from top to bottom. Snowfall is around 60 ft tall and is glamorous like crystal.  The traverse through the snowy frozen rivers and mountains is just out of words to describe. One of the most stunning and magnificent treks on earth. The chadar trek gives nervousness thrilling, giving you goosebumps sometimes makes you enthusiastic and eager to see the hidden beauty. You will be witnessing wildlife like snow leopards and blue sheep. 



The trek is the most popular winter trek which is around 62 km long and could take a minimum of 8 days to complete. It is still a dream for many trekkers. You should be fit enough to do the trek in a chilly climate. The journey leads from. The trek starts from Ladakh to the villages of Zanskar valley. The trek lies in an inhospitable region. The average temperature on average in a day is minus 10. The best time to visit is November to February. The chadar trek is not unlike any other treks of the Himalayas where you will find dense forests and meadows, but it is a cold desert covered with snowy vast mountains. The tents are not pitching in meadows or itchy forests but open, under the sky with a chadar(snow) all over the place. 



get yourself ready to live in minus 15 to 30 degrees temperature. Singing along with a bonfire with friends, and sipping tea is marvelous. Walking on the transparent ice makes your soul crystal clear. you will be seeing Indian and Tibetan cultures both. The nerak village is considered the base camp. The people are so genuine and lovable. 



  • you need to carry hard cash as the atm or online transactions are not available in villages. 
  • the post-paid networks are available
  • you should be carrying your gumboots. 
  • Medical tests should be done to see if you are eligible or not. it’s for your good. 
  • prepare yourself before the trip by walking 3-4 km daily. 
  • You should always carry a backpack on your back. It will protect you if you fall. 
  • trekkers must be above 15 years of age. 
  • you should have an experience of any other trek of more than 10000ft. 



  • on day1 you should be in Leh. You can come to Leh by flight also. you have to be staying here overnight. 
  • On day 2 you will be driven to chill from the walk start. It is 64 km from Leh. you will be seeing frozen rivers already on the way to chilling. you will be heading till the road gets over. and taking your first steps on chadar. it can be powder snow, crystal, or hard. according to the weather conditions. within an hour you will be at the campsite called tilat sumdo. There are caves as well. so the people who don’t have tents can have a roof on their top. locals use these caves to stay overnight. 
  • On day 3 you will be heading to Dhingra Koma from tilat sumdo. It is a 9.5 km trek that will take at least 6 hours to complete. you will witness sunlight till mid-noon. you will be heading on chadar and moving forward and can feel the freezing weather through your face which is the only body part exposed. You can feel the thinness and thickness of chadar. you will be there by afternoon and find a place to have lunch. then set your camps in Dhingra koma and take rest for the day. 
  • On day 4 you will be trekking from Dhingra Koma to Tibb which is 15 km and could take 7 to 8 hours. witness frozen waterfalls already and a few km ahead the river will get narrow. and the chadar forms on a full river. reach the Tibb campsite there are also caves you can accommodate in them. 
  • on day 5 Tibb to nerak 12 km trek which will take 7 hours. the most awaited day of the trek and the thriller of suspense will show its face. walking between the cliffs, on the chadar and you will be witnessing the famous waterfall all frozen from top to bottom. and a wooden bridge shows you the best sight. a lifetime experience.  


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