Turkish Coffee! Interesting things you need to know

Turkish Coffee is loved and enjoyed in many countries across the globe for its rich and highly caffeinated flavor. Being unfiltered, it has a high concentration of caffeine and other components that are beneficial for health.


The use of Arabica Green Beans For Turkish Coffee is popular for its strong taste and unique preparation methods. The arabica beans are roasted and ground for a fine texture and then used to prepare a perfect cup of Turkish coffee. 


The History of Turkish Coffee:

The popularity of coffee among the Turkish people dates back to the 15th century. The Syrian traders introduced coffee into the culture and tradition of the Turks. By the 17th century, it became an essential part of the Ottoman Empire, where the Sultan was ceremoniously served coffee. 


This ritual of coffee-making was also part of the marriage customs, as women were judged on their coffee-making skills by their potential husbands. The tradition continues even today, as coffee-making skills are regarded highly before marriage is fixed.


Turkish coffee is more than a cup of coffee for the Turkish people, it is considered to be a symbol of friendship, a tool for fortune-telling, and an excuse for chit-chatting. 


The Beliefs Associated with Turkish Coffee:

The Turkish people associate coffee with several popular beliefs and traditions, two of which are fortune-telling and hospitality. 


Similar to all other cultures, the Turks also consider their guests very important. And as part of the hospitality culture, they serve coffee to their guest along with a glass of water. This, however, is a way to understand whether their guests are hungry or not. When the guest drinks the water before the coffee, it is understood that the guest is hungry and the host prepares a meal for them.


Besides, a glass of water is also served to clear the palate before and after drinking coffee. Historical references show that even the ottoman Sultans were served coffee with a glass of water. The glass of water was used to test the coffee for poison. The sultan would pour a drop of coffee into the water and if the coffee bubbled with water, it would mean that the coffee is poisonous. 


Turkish coffee is the only coffee in the world that is served with grounds, and these grounds are used for fortune-telling. After drinking the coffee, the cup is covered with the saucer and a wish is made and the cup is turned over. The thick layer of ground forms shapes and once it cools down the shapes are interpreted by the fortune-tellers. Of late, many mobile applications are designed through which one can share the photo of the ground residuals for the fortune-tellers to interpret. 


How is Turkish Coffee made?

Turkish Coffee is a kind of coffee preparation that is widely popular in the Middle East and some European Countries. The use of Arabica Green Beans For Turkish Coffee making can be found in countries like Turkey, Greece, and Iran. 


The coffee is made by combining fine grounds of coffee with water and sugar and the mixture is brought to a frothy foaming stage. Conventionally, Turkish coffee is brewed in a pot, locally called Cezve. 


When the preparation reaches the desired stage, the coffee is served in cups. The coffee grounds settle below the cups and the liquid is consumed. Turkish coffee can also be served unsweetened, but usually sugar is considered an important ingredient. Cardamon is also a common addition in the preparation of Turkish Coffee. 


Is Espresso and Turkish Coffee, the same?

Although, both Espresso and Turkish Coffee are black coffee without the use of milk. However, the major difference between Espresso and Turkish Coffee is the grind size of the coffee beans. Whereas espresso used the finest grind size, Turkish Coffee uses a finer grind size that settles below the cup. 


What makes Turkish Coffee so special?

The strong and bitter taste of Turkish Coffee makes it special across the globe. It has a thicker and foamed texture but is less smoky or burnt in flavor in comparison to instant or other brewed coffee. 


We, at Atlantica Coffee, bring the best Arabica coffee beans that can be brewed to make the perfect Turkish Coffee that could hit right at your taste buds.


Why try Turkish Coffee?

Whether you are a coffee lover or drink coffee for its benefits, Turkish coffee is something you need to give a shot. Turkish Coffee offers several health benefits like it enhances athletic performance, protecting against mental decline, protective effects against certain diseases, etc. 


The use of Arabica Green Beans for Turkish Coffee making contains several beneficial compounds like chlorogenic acids, which are types of anti-oxidants that provide health benefits. 


Final Thought

The unique brewing and preparation methods of Turkish Coffee made it to the Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity of UNESCO in the year 2013. This shows how intricately coffee mingles with the culture and tradition of the Turks.


Atlantica Coffee exports the best quality Arabica Green Beans for Turkish Coffee and contributes to bringing an outstanding coffee experience. We urge you to try our wide range of coffee collections and taste the bitter beverage in all its glory.

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