Want to remedy back pain and BP? Here’s how Ayurveda can help.

Ayurvedic medicines and treatments are taking the world by storm, and there’s no denying that they are showing some extraordinary results and healing properties as well. Much maligned and misunderstood for a lengthy period of history, the medical community around the world is gradually coming around to realizing and accepting the facts. 


There are several benefits that one can avail of by opting for an ayurvedic healing process, rather than going for the conventional means that are prevalent the world over. Here, we will be taking a brief look at the benefits one can derive from ayurvedic treatment and the procedures one can undertake to execute ayurvedic treatment for back pain and BP. So, let’s start.


The positives.

When compared to other forms of medicine, ayurvedic medicines work in a manner that is quite different from the others. While the other schools address the symptoms one is experiencing, ayurvedic medicines believe in healing a person from within, since all illnesses and symptoms result from issues that the person may be facing for quite some time. This healing methodology ensures that the core issues are solved, which goes a long way toward great long-term health. Now, let us take a quick look at some of the advantages that ayurvedic medical procedures bring to the table. 

  • Doesn’t result in any side effects- One of the major reasons behind the widespread adoption of Ayurveda lies in the fact that they do not cause any side effects whatsoever, something that other medicines are known to do quite often. Since Ayurveda believes in healing from within and isn’t exclusively limited to addressing the symptoms, the effect that they have on our daily lives is quite significant.

  • Acts as a stressbuster- Our modern lifestyle is characterized by competition and stress over anything else, and although our careers may be bolstered due to this, it is our health that often takes a toll. There are several lifestyle diseases that we experience daily and some are born exclusively out of the stress that we experience. By adopting and following proper ayurvedic procedures and treatments, one can address these issues to a great extent. In fact, a survey has proven that 25 out of 35 people experienced positive changes by adopting Ayurvedic treatments for stress-busting. 

  • Aids in weight loss- Struggling with obesity and excessive weight-gain issues? Ayurveda can help. A trained Ayurvedic practitioner would identify the doshas that are promoting weight gain, and suggest the necessary remedies and dietary changes to mitigate these gains and deliver a healthy body in the long run. 

  • Ensures hormone balance- Hormonal imbalances can affect our lives negatively, and although there are several medicines available for the same, they bring some terrible side effects to the table. The safest and best method of regaining hormonal balance is adopting Ayurveda. A certified and trained practitioner would examine your body and needs carefully and suggest a remedial schedule that would help you attain a healthy body and a lifestyle that you’d certainly be proud of.


The aforementioned are some of the advantages that one can obtain by adopting the ayurvedic way of life. Now, let us take a look at the treatment procedures that one can follow to execute a good ayurvedic treatment for BP blood pressure and back pain. 


Ayurvedic treatment for back pain. 


Now, there is something regarding back pains that we need to understand is that they aren’t diseases in the serious sense of the term, but rather discomfort that arises due to some underlying causes. There are several ayurvedic methods that one can avail of, some of which are as follows.


  • Abhyanga and Kati Vasti are massages that one avail of to relieve their backpains. These forms of ayurvedic treatment of back pain balance the doshas. 


  • Pranayams and anulom viloms can help balance Vata dosha as well, thereby helping relieve back pain. 
  • According to ayurvedic principles, sour, salty, and warm foods are the ones to go for someone who is looking to reduce back pain. 


  • Agnikarma is an ayurvedic medical procedure that employs the use of heat to relieve back pain. 


Back pains can mess up our lives in numerous ways, and Ayurveda is the school of medicine that can help us overcome this roadblock effectively and safely. Now, let us take a look at the ayurvedic treatment for BP blood pressure


Ayurvedic treatment for blood pressure.

Blood pressure is a typical lifestyle disease that is caused due to our fast-paced, hyper-competitive lives. Fortunately, Ayurveda is well-placed to mitigate the issues safely and effectively. 


  • Garlic cloves play an important role in slowing down pulse rates, thereby helping reduce blood pressure to a large extent. They feature several antiseptic properties as well. 


  • Yogas and breathing exercises help normalize our breathing patterns, and this in turn helps reduce a high BP. 


  • There are several ayurvedic medicines available on the market as well that can help reduce high BP, but these should only be consumed after consulting a certified ayurvedic practitioner.


Final take:

Ayurvedic medical procedures are one of the safest, and most effective ones out there. Ayurvedic treatments for BP blood pressure and other ailments are extremely safe, and since they heal from within, they can be relied upon to provide long-term benefits. 

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